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Category Support Service has trained thousands of pharmacies and provided support is excel training.....

Category Support Service has trained many different levels of excel. What’s unique about this training is that it adapts to the skills and needs of each person. The excel training is for all types of users — from brand–new beginners to high–level professionals.

It is a guide that teaches efficient work with ease of use for building spreadsheets and charts and performing mathematical and statistical calculations.

In this training you will:

  • Learn what you need to know for your work
  • Build templates that will reduce your workload substantially - Make your work less error-prone
  • Free up your time for decision-making
  • Tricks on how to clean and format irregular data
  • You specify course using your data
  • All levels catered for

Feel free to call Category Support Service to request information of our services. Arrange a consultation time and date with us.

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