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The categorisation of products helps retailers make informed decisions about their stock choices and levels.....

The categorisation of products along with informative sales reporting and stock checks enables procedures and processes to be put in place and documented. This can then become part of the induction course for all staff. The presence of documentation and intelligent reports helps keep track of all aspects of a retail outlet and it improves on the quality of service rendered. Successful product file integration will make information easily accessible, provide a limited number of user entry points, help new users learn quickly, simplify the decision making process with regard to assortment range and help cut support costs.

If you’re like many companies your product information and content is tucked away in a system. Category Support Service orchestrates the tasks and data associated with creating and maintaining Pharmacy system.

Category Support Service will provide:

EPOS product file clean-up:

  • Categorise Products into relevant Departments and Groups
  • Work with stores to identify and set up non-scanning lines
  • Suggest on-going maintenance and processes

On-going maintenance of product file:

  • Convert supplier file to Import file (CSV)
  • Manually enter product lines

Feel free to call Category Support Service to request information of our services. Arrange a consultation time and date with us.

  • 087 233 9908
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